The Real Sy stem For Making Money ONline

There are tons and tons of so-called systems out there that are designed to help you to make money online. Some of them are good while others are downright junk. However, today, I wish to discuss with you the real system that will help you to make money online.

Now this system wasn’t invented by some wealthy guru who hired a bunch of programmers to code out the system. No, this is a system that if put in place will work for you time and time again.

Now bear in mind that just because you have this system put into place doesn’t mean that you will automatically become rich by any means whatsoever. However, without it, you’re sure to fail.

Ok, so lets dive right in!

The first part of the system is skills. That’s right, I said skills. You see contrary to some popular belief, there are gurus out there who will tell you that you don’t need any skills to make money online. You know what I say to all that? Rubbish! Those so-called self-proclaimed gurus don’t even know what they’re talking about because in order to do anything online, you need skills.

Skills are a must when working online because without them, you can’t make a single dime. Now the skills can come in many different forms, but basically the skills are knowing how to drive traffic, knowing how to create products, knowing how to send emails by using an autoresponse system etc. There are more skills not mentioned here but I am sure that you get the idea here. The fact is; you need skills in order to succeed online.

The next part of the system is a method of getting the word out about yourself and your business. This can be in the form of a youtube account, Facebook account, Linkedin account or any other type of social media account. The fact is, you need to let people know about youand your business and there are many ways in which to do that. Some of these ways are paid, while others are free.

You could write articles and submit them to the article directories, and that’s one way, or you can post comments on other people’s blogs that are directly related to your niche, and that’s still another way. You can even join the myriod of giveaway events and submit your gift to drive traffic to a squeeze page, and that’s yet another way to get the word out. So as you can see here, there are plenty of ways that you can promote yourself and your products online. There’s really no shortage of innovative ideas that you can come up with to get the word out. All you need to do is to simply use your imagination and come up with these ideas.

Another part of this system is transparency and honesty. This is perhaps the biggest part of the entire system because if you’re not transparent and honest in your business, then nobody will trust you or buy from you. So many of the self-proclaimed gurus get this all wrong because they get all caught up in their own greed, and when that happens, then all bets are off. You must remain transparent and honest at all times throughout your online career because without it, you’re dead in the water.

This means no cutting corners, no lieing, and no deceptions of any kind. No deceptive screenshots of commission checks, no deceptive videos, and no hiding the truth from your customers. Everything must be disclosed up front so that your customers can see exactly what they’re getting.

Along with this comes treating people who aren’t as fortunate as you are like they’re really worth something because they are. I have seen too many of these self-proclaimed gurus shrug off people who are asking for help, but when the so-called guru finds out that they can’t afford their expensive products and or services, or they don’t have a huge list, then the guru turns two deaf ears to them and pays them no attention whatsoever. This is so very wrong!

The gurus evidently had forgotten where they came from and they let their own greed go to their heads. I see this happening all of the time and it sickens me.

I know that this here is a bit off topic, but I must get this off my chest while I am thinking about it. I don’t care how wealthy I become, I will never ever turn deaf ears to anybody! If someone comes to me asking for help, and if I can really help them, I am going to do it for free if they can’t afford to pay me. I could care less about how much money they have, or how large their list is because all that really matters at that point is that they need some sort of assistance.

So if you use the system that I just showed you here, you should become successful online. Now this is going to take a whole lot of hard work, but believe me, it is well worth it! You will be successful while the so-called self-proclaimed gurus are left scratching their heads because they failed and you’re succeeding.

A Bit Off Topic But Still Relevant

Ok, I am going to take a tour off the regualr beat and path just for a bit to talk about a brand new Christian publishing company that my Fiance and I are starting.

Now I realize that Christianity really isn’t an Internet marketing topic, but the fact that we’re starting up our own publishing company is. You see, recently I wrote a Christian book called Forgiveness A Plan and A Promise, and it is up for sale right here Forgivness A Plan and A Promise.

Now here’s how this relates to Internet marketing and that is the promotion of both the publishing company and the book itself The publishing is clalled Heart 4 God Publishigng and it can be found right here.

Heart 4 God Publishing

The marketing and promotion for these has been quite intensive. I have been promoting these things all over Facebook by means of Facebook groups, and I have even been promoting it on Twitter as well.

Trying to drive traffic to these has been everything but enjoyable since we’re not at the current time of this writing really receiving any traffic to these resources. However, I am not giving up on the promotion because I am hoping that some day, someone will take notice and visit these resources and either buy the book, or want services from us to publish their own Christian books. I did not write this post to offend you if you’re not a Christian, but I wrote it to show you my other endeavors that I am currently working on. I am showing you this through a marketing prospective and not from a religious point of view.

It is just that when it comes to promotion and such, what you have to realize is that it isn’t going to be an easy road to go down. Just because you get the word out there doesn’t mean at all that anybody will visit and make any purchases from you, no matter how good your sales copy is. However, what I am saying here is that you shouldn’t give up.

Just keep on promoting and finding new ways to promote because the more ways that you use at one time, the better it will be for you in the end. So whatever you do, do not give up!

Provide A Service To Make Money Online

One of the best business models to use online involves starting up some sort of service. Now while this is a very diverse topic and there are litterally hundreds if not thousands of different types of services that you could perform online, I am going to keep it simple here and only talk about Internet marketing type services.

You see, there are hundreds, if not millions of people online who are in need of a service to be performed. Everything from article writing, ebook authoring, proof rreading and editing just to name a few. These are all services that you could perform and make money with.

There are even individuals writing blog posts for blog owners and people building web pages and so on. So as you can see, there is a whole lot that you can do online as a service to begin to make a steady income.

However, in order to keep that steady income coming, you must provide quality work, continuous communication with the customer and so on. You must also have a good turn-around rate meaning that you can get the job done rather quickly from start to finish. The faster you are at performing the service and the higher the quality of work that is done will insure you much business in the future.

However, the most important factor that will keep your business above water is transparency and honesty. Both of these things go hand in hand to provide you and your customers an optimum experience. So why provide a service instead of selling products? Well service based businesses are the types of businesses that are ongoing and are green in that they are needed for many years to come. That is; a service based business can perform that service for many years to come whereas a product can quickly loose its appeal and usefulness over a period of time.

Now this isn’t to say that products being sold online can’t make you any money because they still can. It is just that depending upon the type of product will determine its overall sales value within the next few years or so. For example, many ebooks on Internet marketing that were written now will be of little value within the next few years or so because the Internet is constantly changing and evolving and what used to work before will then no longer work and the product is rendered useless information. However, if you run a service such as writing blog posts or articles, people will always need that type of service so your business will last for many years to come far after your info product has lost its appeal and value.

So if you’re serious about starting a business online, then why not think about starting a service based one instead? You can still sell your information products, but a service based business would be a great second source of income.

What Really Works Online?

That is a question that a whole lot of people have when it comes down to working online opportunities. That’s because there are so many opportunities staring you in the face all promising you big money and the good life. However, the problem is with most of these companies, there is a lot that isn’t being told to you such as hidden fees, upgrades and so much more.

It is on their sales pages that they make the whole thing sound so easy to do, and they even go as far as to say that it is easy to do, and that you really don’t need any skills to make money online.

Well these people are dead wrong because you do need skills, knowledge and other things in order to really become successful online. Even people who claim that if you can just cut and paste is all that you need to make money online are also dead wrong as well.

The fact is; you do need skills, you need training and coaching in order to properly make it online. There’s no doubt about that! All of those make-money systems that promise you huge wealth are more than likely huge scams that are making their founders wealthy, not you. That’s why it really pays to pay attention to who you listen to online when it comes to making money because not everybody is going to lead you to the right place.

Most opportunities for making money online are involved in the MLM niche in that they require you to get involved in recruiting in one way or another. However, the problem with this model is that most people are remaining at the bottom of the pyramid while the founders and charter members of the scheme are raking in the dough right and left because of you. They’re getting richer while you pine away trying to get rich.

Then there are those survey sites that promise you wealth and fortune as well. The only problem with these is that even if they do pay out, it is either through nickles and dimes rather than dollars. You don’t earn very much doing surveys if even they do pay out.

So if anybody tells you that you don’t need any skills and such just to make money online, then it is time for you to high tail it and run as fast as you possibly can from that individual because they’re a snake in sheep’s clothing, and they will bite when the time is right, and you don’t want that.

One thing that makes a scam really stand out is when they only talk about the money and very little if at all about the system itself and how it works. If they have to wave boatloads of money in your face by providing screen shots, and so-called video proof of their earnings, then that means that they’re up to no good especially if they don’t even share with you what the opportunity really is, or how it works. Any business really worth its salt should explain to you first and foremost what they’re about, how the business model works, and they should do that without charging you anything up front. You shouldn’t ahve to pay anything just to learn how the business works.

If you have to pay for information that should be offered for free, then that denotes a scam right off the bat. For example, some companies say that you need to purchase a decision package which is filled with yet more get rich quick stories and testamonials, as well as complicated paperwork to sign up. Be alert to these types of opportunities and how they work because they’re after your money first and foremost by making you bold promises.

An honest business opportunity is going to disclose everything up front such as who they are, what they’re about and most importantly, how their system works to make you money. They have absolutely nothing to hide and no hidden fees and or charges. They don’t need to put up fancy videos of their earnings to wave in your face, and they don’t need to hire actors to get you to join.

It is their own honesty and sincerety that will prove to you that the business model isn’t a scam. They have absolutely nothing to hide and everything to gain by being honest and sincere up front. They don’t make bold empty promises of huge money, and they’re there to help you to succeed.

Any business who is more than willing to train you and give you the proper training to become successful online is an opportunity really worth taking a look at because they’re not making bold empty promises, and they’re not flashing screenshots of money in your face just to try and convince you that you can make money online. Nor do they have to hire actors to act stupid, and make bold claims that are bogus and unrealistic. We have all heard the wrags to riches stories that many of these video actors put out on a daily basis,and quite frankly, many of these wrags to riches stories all sound pretty much the same.

You hear things like; they were broke, and in debt up to their eyeballs, living in their car, sleeping on their mother’s couch in the basement, working a dead end job, and so much more that sounds all too familiar. These people use all the same sinereos to try and get you to believe that they really did strike it rich by saying that they were in your shoes as well. They use many of the same situations that a lot of us are really in just to try and convince you to purchase that worthless system that only gives you boatloads of empty promises and nothing else.

So the question is; what does work online? Well believe it or not, most of the very basic stuff still works such as writing articles, selling e-books, writing and selling reports, and of course video and audio marketing. These things will work for any business that is in any niche, and the truth is; they’re not dead like so many so-called entrepreneurs would like you to believe.

Sure social marketing has been added to the mix and that too works like gangbusters, and you can combine social marketing along with article writing, video and audio marketing. A matter of fact, all of these techniques can work hand in hand with each other to drive highly targeted traffic, and make you sales. There’s not one single technique and or strategy that outweighs all the others. Just use what you know works and works well. Don’t worry about the latest shiny object that makes a boatload of empty promises. Just stick with the things that you know work such as the basics and you’ll do well.

You see, that’s the problem. So many people forget all about the basic stuff and flock to all that complicated junk out there that only makes you spend more money and leaves you high and dry.

Now like I said, there have been some changes to the mix such as social marketing. And now that you have that to use, use it to the best of your ability and use in conjunction with article marketing, social bookmarking, and audio and video to build your online business like it should be built. As long as you use the basics that have already been proven to work along with the newer stuff, you should see some sort of results from your efforts.

As long as you do it and put yourself to the task, you will gain results, but if you just sit there and complain, you will never see real results in your business.

Encourage People To Subscribe To Your Blog Feed

Blogs can provide a wealth of valuable information to people who are searching for it. However, there are ways that you can dish out your content to the masses by simply having people subscribe to your blog.

One such way is by using a free service called Blog Trottr. This service lets you receive information from blogs straight into your inbox, an dyou can set it up to send you messages as often as you want.

I encourage you to use this service to sign up to this blog so that you can begin receiving quality information on Internet marketing, information products and so much more. Simply click the link here below to begin.

Sign Up Here/

It is totally free to do, and it is very simple to do as well.

Offer Product Demonstration Videos To Make The sale

If you’re an affiliate and you want to make good money with the products that you’re affiliated with, then you might want to check out YouTube for product demonstration videos. So why would you want to use these videos on your site?

Well the answer is quite simple. Product demonstration videos can actually help you to sell or promote that product. You see, people love videos because with video, they can see the product and they can see just how that product is to be used provided that the video is a full demonstration of that product.

If you add these on your site along with your affiliate link, then people will clearly see how the product works, plus they can discover other things about the product too. Videos relating to affiliate products are excellent tools to use to help you to sell that particular product. Not only that, but videos are magnets for traffic and the more product demonstration videos that you have on your affiliate product pages, the better. So as you can see here, it really does pay to use video in your marketing especially your affiliate marketing efforts.

Going That Extra Mile For Your Customers

Customer service means everything to your business and to your bottom line as an entrepreneur. Going that extra mile to please your customers will make your business really shine, and it will grant you even more customers in the end.

The fact is, when you offer excellent customer support and excellent service, what you’re effectively doing; is you’re building up your reputation as an entrepreneur. What this means is, is that if you go that extra mile for your customers, they will become your bragging tool, and they will spread your business using word of mouth and other means of advertising that can greatly enhance your business. Not only that, but those customers who do your bragging will definitely become repeat customers and that’s what you want for your business.

You want people to return to your business so that they will do more business with you and so on. In order to accomplish this means that you the entrepreneur has to be willing to go that extra mile for those customers that you ahve and forget about becoming greedy, or selfish with your business.

Sure you’re in business to make money, but you’re also in business to satisfy people’s needs, and meet their interests with enthusiasm, as well as to provide products and services that you know that they really want from you. If you can really provide what your customers want, then they will return as repeat customers and they will brag about you and your business because you have gone that extra mile for them. This includes the technical support taht you offer them or any other type of support that you offer them as well.

If you can provide quality assistance with the products and or services that you offer, they will return for more business in the future and they will tell others about it as well. This is exactly what you want because if you can build up a very strong reputation with your business by catering to your customers in the way that they want to be catered to, then your business will be able to stay far above water when times do get rough. The businesses that really survive are those who pay close attention to their customers and what their needs are. It is these businesses that get the most traffic, make the most sales and make the most profits in the end.

Get Others To Proof Read Your Work Before Publishing

More often than not, we all make errors in our written work,and for most of the time, we don’t catch them. That’s why it is so important to utilize the services of others to proof read our work before publishing it.

Getting a good proof reader takes some time because you want to use someone that knows the English language well, and knows how to use punctuation and other gramatical elements to make your work really shine. The last thing that you want is to publish something that is full of mistakes and errors because that will not look good on you as an entrepreneur, or author.

So I highly recommend that you find somebody that can proof read your work and make sure that is free of these mistakes and errors so that you can publish with confidence and know that your work will be worth the reading. After all, it is your reputation that is on the line here and if you use a good proof reader, then you shouldn’t have any problems selling your work, but if you use someone that isn’t good at what they do, then your chances of selling quality work is next to nothing.

So if you can, find somebody who is willing to proof rread your work, and if you have to pay them for their services, make sure that they’re reasonable because you don’t want to be ripped off by any means whatsoever.

Don’t Worry About The Money!

Ever since I have been online, I have seen so many so-called gurus claim that you can make boatloads of money just by either clicking your mouse a few times and watching money flow out of your computer like a river, or simply using a piece of software that is supposed to either drive highly targeted traffic to your site, or sell affiliate products for you and so on.

Then you have those people who claim that they stumbled onto some secret system that was handed to them on a flash drive that has made them supposedly millions, and they go on to say that you can make the same or even better if you just pay the $49 or so that it costs just to get that supposedly secret system. Now I don’t know about you, but don’t you think that most all of that stuff sounds a bit fishy and deceptive?

One of my favorite ones is when a so-called guru says that you don’t need any skills to make money online, and all you need is their special software and you’re in business! Come on, just who do you think that these charlatans are kidding? Well they are putting the wool over a whole lot of people’s eyes, but for someone who is smart and who has been around the block a time or two can easily see right through these guys and their trickery. I’ll be brutally honest with you here. Anybody who tells you that you do not need any skills to make money online is not a real business owner and all that they’re doing is giving you the business if you know what I mean.

They make all their bold claims of being wildly successful by showing you screenshot after screenshot of their ClickBank accounts and any other accounts that they have to rub it all in your face just to get you to believe that you too can make that same amount or even more. And, if that’s not enough, most all of the videos that I have seen rarely even touch on what it is that you’re supposed to be doing because in most all of those videos, they’re too busy showing you the money. They’re too busy telling you just how wealthy you could be only if you bought into their so-called system, or purchased their secret software that is supposed to drive hoards of traffic to your offers. They make it all sound so very easy to do, and they have their testamonials to back it all up supposedly.

However, I bet on most all of those videos the people that you see are just paid actors including the so-called guru themselves. Why do I believe that? Well for one thing, any guru who is worth their salt will not even think about getting in front of the camera to talk about such junk. A matter of fact, those so-called gurus do just that. They hire out actors to do their video work and present it to the public while they themselves are laughing all the way to the bank because they just pulled the wool over yet another gullible person’s eyes and got their money.

You want to know something else? Most of those systems that are out there have very poor help and support and even if they do offer that, the help and support that you get is from not the guru themselves, but from a trained individual who is also involved in the program too. They are taught to get you to focus upon your dreams of luxury vacations, cars, mansions and anything else that you can possibly think of just to get you to remain in the program. Don’t worry about the money because that’s not the main thing that you need to focus upon with your business.

Instead, focus upon the things that make your business work, such as your customer base. Think of ways that you can give to them exactly what they want and need from you. Don’t focus upon trying to make $30,000 per month especially if you’re just getting out of the starting gate. Sure it is great to dream and such, but dream in reality. Make goals for yourself that are definitely attainable. Don’t worry about the next latest and greatest thing being offered out there because you have enough to deal with in your own business that should keep you focused and on track. Too many people focus too much on the money and not enough on their businesses. That’s why they’re not successful.

If you really want to become successful, then you need to focus on your business and what it needs in order to make it successful. You need to focus on your customers and you need to focus on your products and services that you have to offer to your customers. The money will come if you do these things and do them well. Don’t get caught up in all the hype going round the net today. Act like an entrepreneur and don’t pay those charlatans any mind because you have bigger fish to fry.

Sure making money online isn’t easy, but any good entrepreneur will tell you that. They don’t need to pull the wool over your eyes if they’re honest and sincere entrepreneurs because they have nothing to hide from you. Those that promise you all the wealth in the world do have something to hide because more than likely, they’re not being transparent and honest like they should be.

I am here to tell you that yes, you need skills to work online, and it isn’t as easy as copying and pasting as some of those so-called gurus tell you that it is. It isn’t as easy as sending out an email either, and it definitely isn’t as easy as using your mouse either. There’s lots and lots of very hard work to do to build an online business. And as far as all of this so-called autopilot stuff goes, well it is true that parts of the business does run on autopilot, but not every aspect of it.

Just like any commercial airline, even though the plane has an autopilot system, you still need real pilots to fly the thing now don’t you? Well the same can be said about your online business. Sure there are some areas that can run on autopilot, but the rest has to be done by a real human being because it takes real human beings to create web sites, content and handle customer relations and such just to name a few things here. The autopilot part of the business might be that your site does run online 24-7, and yes people can buy from you while you’re sleeping because all they need to do is to simply visit your site, press an order button and the ordering process takes place without you having to do anything because of the fact that you had set it up that way. So yes, parts of the business can be on autopilot, but not every part of it.

So as you can see here, you do need skills just to build an online business, and don’t let anybody tell you any differently either. Now as far as the money goals, set for yourself realistic monitary goals. Don’t make goals that you know that you will not be able to keep. Set realistic ones that you know that you can attain. Think realistically and rationally and think like a real entrepreneur should think. Don’t think like the charlatans think because that my friend; will only get you into trouble. It is here where you success lies because as long as you think rationally and realistically, you’ll do fine.

Approve Only Relevant Comments On Your Blog Site

As any blogger knows, you get all kinds of strange and sometimes annoying comments made on your blog all of which are clamboring for your undivided attention in one way or another. However, may I offer you a suggestion that might help you to produce a quality blog?

Weed out all of the unnecessary comments made to your blog. That is, weed out all of the advertisements and spam comments that people make and only approve those that relate to the posts in which they’re referring to. If people can’t leave comments that are engaging and that carry on the conversation, then those comments should not be approved. Your blog shouldn’t turn into a place where comments are hoarded. Instead, only approve those comments that really mean the most to you and that help to carry on the particular conversation. This in turn will help to greatly improve your blog’s overall structure, content flow and so much more.

So take this advice to heart and use it because in the end, you will have a great blog that everybody will love to visit.