Approve Only Relevant Comments On Your Blog Site

As any blogger knows, you get all kinds of strange and sometimes annoying comments made on your blog all of which are clamboring for your undivided attention in one way or another. However, may I offer you a suggestion that might help you to produce a quality blog?

Weed out all of the unnecessary comments made to your blog. That is, weed out all of the advertisements and spam comments that people make and only approve those that relate to the posts in which they’re referring to. If people can’t leave comments that are engaging and that carry on the conversation, then those comments should not be approved. Your blog shouldn’t turn into a place where comments are hoarded. Instead, only approve those comments that really mean the most to you and that help to carry on the particular conversation. This in turn will help to greatly improve your blog’s overall structure, content flow and so much more.

So take this advice to heart and use it because in the end, you will have a great blog that everybody will love to visit.

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