What Really Works Online?

That is a question that a whole lot of people have when it comes down to working online opportunities. That’s because there are so many opportunities staring you in the face all promising you big money and the good life. However, the problem is with most of these companies, there is a lot that isn’t being told to you such as hidden fees, upgrades and so much more.

It is on their sales pages that they make the whole thing sound so easy to do, and they even go as far as to say that it is easy to do, and that you really don’t need any skills to make money online.

Well these people are dead wrong because you do need skills, knowledge and other things in order to really become successful online. Even people who claim that if you can just cut and paste is all that you need to make money online are also dead wrong as well.

The fact is; you do need skills, you need training and coaching in order to properly make it online. There’s no doubt about that! All of those make-money systems that promise you huge wealth are more than likely huge scams that are making their founders wealthy, not you. That’s why it really pays to pay attention to who you listen to online when it comes to making money because not everybody is going to lead you to the right place.

Most opportunities for making money online are involved in the MLM niche in that they require you to get involved in recruiting in one way or another. However, the problem with this model is that most people are remaining at the bottom of the pyramid while the founders and charter members of the scheme are raking in the dough right and left because of you. They’re getting richer while you pine away trying to get rich.

Then there are those survey sites that promise you wealth and fortune as well. The only problem with these is that even if they do pay out, it is either through nickles and dimes rather than dollars. You don’t earn very much doing surveys if even they do pay out.

So if anybody tells you that you don’t need any skills and such just to make money online, then it is time for you to high tail it and run as fast as you possibly can from that individual because they’re a snake in sheep’s clothing, and they will bite when the time is right, and you don’t want that.

One thing that makes a scam really stand out is when they only talk about the money and very little if at all about the system itself and how it works. If they have to wave boatloads of money in your face by providing screen shots, and so-called video proof of their earnings, then that means that they’re up to no good especially if they don’t even share with you what the opportunity really is, or how it works. Any business really worth its salt should explain to you first and foremost what they’re about, how the business model works, and they should do that without charging you anything up front. You shouldn’t ahve to pay anything just to learn how the business works.

If you have to pay for information that should be offered for free, then that denotes a scam right off the bat. For example, some companies say that you need to purchase a decision package which is filled with yet more get rich quick stories and testamonials, as well as complicated paperwork to sign up. Be alert to these types of opportunities and how they work because they’re after your money first and foremost by making you bold promises.

An honest business opportunity is going to disclose everything up front such as who they are, what they’re about and most importantly, how their system works to make you money. They have absolutely nothing to hide and no hidden fees and or charges. They don’t need to put up fancy videos of their earnings to wave in your face, and they don’t need to hire actors to get you to join.

It is their own honesty and sincerety that will prove to you that the business model isn’t a scam. They have absolutely nothing to hide and everything to gain by being honest and sincere up front. They don’t make bold empty promises of huge money, and they’re there to help you to succeed.

Any business who is more than willing to train you and give you the proper training to become successful online is an opportunity really worth taking a look at because they’re not making bold empty promises, and they’re not flashing screenshots of money in your face just to try and convince you that you can make money online. Nor do they have to hire actors to act stupid, and make bold claims that are bogus and unrealistic. We have all heard the wrags to riches stories that many of these video actors put out on a daily basis,and quite frankly, many of these wrags to riches stories all sound pretty much the same.

You hear things like; they were broke, and in debt up to their eyeballs, living in their car, sleeping on their mother’s couch in the basement, working a dead end job, and so much more that sounds all too familiar. These people use all the same sinereos to try and get you to believe that they really did strike it rich by saying that they were in your shoes as well. They use many of the same situations that a lot of us are really in just to try and convince you to purchase that worthless system that only gives you boatloads of empty promises and nothing else.

So the question is; what does work online? Well believe it or not, most of the very basic stuff still works such as writing articles, selling e-books, writing and selling reports, and of course video and audio marketing. These things will work for any business that is in any niche, and the truth is; they’re not dead like so many so-called entrepreneurs would like you to believe.

Sure social marketing has been added to the mix and that too works like gangbusters, and you can combine social marketing along with article writing, video and audio marketing. A matter of fact, all of these techniques can work hand in hand with each other to drive highly targeted traffic, and make you sales. There’s not one single technique and or strategy that outweighs all the others. Just use what you know works and works well. Don’t worry about the latest shiny object that makes a boatload of empty promises. Just stick with the things that you know work such as the basics and you’ll do well.

You see, that’s the problem. So many people forget all about the basic stuff and flock to all that complicated junk out there that only makes you spend more money and leaves you high and dry.

Now like I said, there have been some changes to the mix such as social marketing. And now that you have that to use, use it to the best of your ability and use in conjunction with article marketing, social bookmarking, and audio and video to build your online business like it should be built. As long as you use the basics that have already been proven to work along with the newer stuff, you should see some sort of results from your efforts.

As long as you do it and put yourself to the task, you will gain results, but if you just sit there and complain, you will never see real results in your business.