Using Tex To Speech Engines For Marketing

>Text to Speech, or better known as TTS are an excellent way to present your material online

Text to speech technology has evolved to a point to where the sound of the speech is close to or nearly human-sounding. Because of this, many entrepreneurs are using these speech engines to generate talking information products without the need to hire a reader or professional voiceover artist to read the text. In this post, you can hear some samples of these speech engines by clicking the buttons that you see below.

As this technology evolves, you will be able to hear the subtle changes in the voice that accurately replicates the human voice to a point that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between synthetic and real human speech. We’re getting kind of close to that already, but we still have a ways to go.

Many people are already using these text to speech engines to create talking e-books, reports and even talking articles. We’re already used to hearing synthetic speech due to the fact that we experience these on our telephones through teleprompters that are used on many of today’s automated systems, and even our smart phones, tablets and other devices. If you have ever called your bank and use their automated system, or have called many other companies not mentioned here and used their automated systems, then more than likely you were presented with some sort of synthetic speech through the automated system. These systems use synthetic speech at is very human-like and easy to understand by most people. And, as technology evolves even more, you will find very intelligent systems that can actually replace an actual human being and perform the job flawlessly and for as long as needed.

The beauty of this is that the digital voice never gets sick and they never have to pay it for its services, thus cutting the cost of most companies down to a minimal when it comes to hiring staff and such. However, there will be times when the computer system might go down, and that can be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Ok, are you ready to hear some really cool synthesized speech? By clicking on any of the buttons below will present you with 1 of 3 really high-quality voices. There is 1 male voice and 2 female voices to listen to.

I can use any of these voices to convert documents for you in the popular MP3 file format.

Male Voice

Female Voice 1

Female Voice 2

Turning your text into MP3 file format just might be a really good solution for you especially if you want to create an audio course and do not want to wear out your voice in order to do so. You can even use audio to automatically begin playing on your web page to play a sales message to your visitors, You can even create audio emails that will engage your customers and subscribers and thus get the message across a whole lot better than just having the individual read plain text.