Bribe People To Make A First Comment On Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to entice your readers to comment on your blog, but weren’t sure as to how to go about doing that? Well today, I have the perfect solution for you and you’re going to love it! You see, as an online entrepreneur, it is your job to engage the readers and keep them interested in your blog and what it has to offer them.

However, when it comes to commenting, it seams that no matter where you turn, people aren’t making any comments. So how on Earth do you get people to make comments on your blog? Well would a bribe work? Yes, and I have the perfect solution that will allow for you to create the perfect bribe that will get people to make a comment for the first time on your blog if they have never made one before. Simply offer them something for free in return for their comment.

There’s a very special plugin that WordPress offers that will let you set up a special page that your first commenters go to after they have submitted their first comment with you. The plugin is called, Comment Redirect, and what it does is pretty self-explanitory. It redirects the first commenter to a page that you specify after they have made their comment on your blog. It can be any page that you specify, but if you really want people to start commenting on your blog, then offer them something for free such as a free ebook, report or even a piece of free software. This can easily get the ball rolling, but make sure that you offer something of real value so that they will comment on your blog. I have provided the link below so that you can download and install the plugin.

Download and Install Comment Redirect

You will be glad that I told you about this and you will be glad that you have installed it onto your blog. It will help you to receive tons of first comments.