What Makes You The Expert?

Many people don’t feel like an expert, but did you realize that you are? Think about it for a minute. Haven’t you ever had someone ask you a question about something, and then you gave them the exact answer that they wanted? Well in that instant, you were the expert. So why is that? Well you had knowledge on something that someone else needed to know, and they went to you for the answer, and when you answered that question, you instantly became their expert.

Well the same can be said for online business. You know things that other people do not know, so in their eyes, you’re the expert. Now it can be in any topic, niche or concept. You can be an expert in web design, e-cover design, copywriting, blogging, or in anything else not mentioned here.

The point is; you are an expert in someone else’s eyes because you possess knowledge on something that they do not yet know. So don’t let anybody tell you any different because all an expert is, is someone who has the skills and the knowledge on how to do something that somebody else doesn’t have the skills, or the knowledge in, and they go to you for advice and help.

Positioning yourself as an expert really isn’t all that hard to do because all you need to do is to simply visit the forums on any given topic and you will find all sorts of people asking all kinds of questions that you may be able to answer for them. This is where you becoming the expert really shines because you can clue people in on what you know about a particular topic, and if the information that you give is accurate and right, then you have just won expert status in the other person’s eyes. Then at that point, you might just find them coming to you for even more information because they have built up a trust in you.

You see, this business is all about building up relationships and trust in one another. If we can help somebody else out that is in need, then do it. Do it for your own good as well as the good of the other person because in the end you’ll be highly recognized for all your efforts.

Any entrepreneur that hides behind the scenes and does nothing but count their money is an entrepreneur who really doesn’t care about the next person. All they care about is themselves and that’s a very sad situation to be in. So please please don’t become that way. Always be more than willing to lend a helping hand and always be willing to answer questions that people have and never ever hide behind your business. Be out there in the trenches ready to help the next person. That will be the pathway to your online success!

Why Memberships Are A Stronger Case For Commitment

There are hoards of people online searching for something for free including memberships. However, have you ever thought as to why most membership sites charge a fee? There are several schools of thought on this, and we’re going to have a look at a few of these to discover why membership sites are paid sites.

Now with many membership sites, you will have a free section that is specifically designed to help the individual to get their feet wet and to see if the membership is indeed right for them. This is a good thing because what the free membership does for a paid membership program is it helps to weed out the tire kickers and freeloaders that would cause problems within the paid portion of the program.

Now there’s nothing wrong with running a free membership program, and there are plenty of those around. But for those of you who are interested in running paid memberships, we’re going to have a look at some of the reasons why you would want to charge for your memberships. Let’s first have a look at the first reason why you would want to charge a fee for your membership program.

Content costs money. That’s right. In order to have a quality membership means that you will need from time to time to purchase content. Sure you can get much of the content that you need free from the Internet, but the really good stuff that you need to keep the membership going costs money. Things such as PLR content, audios, videos and the furthering of your education in online marketing all costs money.

The second reason and the most important reason why you would want to charge a monthly fee for your membership is the fact that your time is valuable, and it takes time to update the site, provide the quality content for the customers and other things that the customers don’t see going on behind the scenes that make the program work like it does. Monthly memberships aren’t just being charged so that the individual running the program can get rich, although that might be one of their reasons for charging a fee for membership. However, as we have just stated above, the content costs money, as well as your continuing education, and your time is valuable as well. All of this plays a vital role in running and managing a quality membership program. Just the mere fact that you’re putting time into the membership warrents you getting paid something for your efforts and hard work and dedication that you put into it. Otherwise if you just give it all away, then how do you profit from it? What is then the purpose in having a membership if you’re not getting something monitary in return for all your efforts? You would be wasting your valuable time if you just give it all away for nothing without getting something in return from, and that then defeats the whole reason for being in business in the first place.

Now mind you that we’re not trying to get you to just focus on the money, but as we all know, money is how things happen. Things such as money have to be exchanged in order for something to take place. Without this exchange, then the purpose of running a business is then wasted time and effort because you’re getting nothing out of it.

Most people don’t realize it, but even giving things such as your name and email address is a form of payment for something. Why? Well think about it, your name belongs to you and so does your email address and giving those things out gives people direct access to you, so when you give those things out, they’re a form of payment for a free ebook, report or even a free membership. So giving your name and email address is indeed a form of payment even though it doesn’t cost anything monitarily.

Another reason why you should charge a fee for your membership has to do with the caleber of people you get into your program. If you only offer a free membership program, then you can easily expect all of your members to get things for free from within the program. That is; if the program is free, then don’t expect your members to make any purchases.

However, if you charge a fee for the program, then you stand a much better chance at making even more money if the members have to purchase any additional materials and such. You see, people who have to pay for something as a rule are people who are willing to put forth the effort that it takes to build an online business, whereas those who join totally free membership sites will only get things that are free.

Like was mentioned, there is a whole lot of time and effort into building a quality membership program. That’s why you should charge for your memberships into the program because your time is valuable, your content is valuable, and it just makes perfect sense to charge for your program, especially if the program is extensive and heavily involved.

Most all quality membership programs charge some sort of membership fees for their memberships. They can be anywhere from just $10 per month all the way up into the thousands per month depending upon the type of program that it is and such. Prices for memberships are all over the place, so there’s no set rule as to what you need to charge for what you’re offering.

Just do your research on your particular market to see what other memberships in your niche are charging and go from there. This will give you a ballpark figure that you can go by to help to fine tune your final membership prices.

Now what you can do with your membership is to offer different levels of membership such as a free level, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. All of which will have different pricing depending upon what each membership level has to offer and such. Many membership sites do this and it works quite well. It is a model that has been proven to work, and many of the highest quality membership sites have different membership levels within them to keep their customers completely happy.

The Challenge Of Staying Focused

staying focused is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks anyone can perform in their business whether it is an online one, or an offline one. The point is; we all need to stay focused if we want to see results of any kind. There are many reasons why so many people aren’t focused on their businesses and aren’t seeing the results that they desire.

One of these reasons has to do with the fact that to make the business work, there’s work to be done and a whole lot of people hate that four letter word. It seams that no matter where you turn online, there’s always someone offering a business model that doesn’t require any skills, work to be done, and anything else that wasn’t mentioned here. However, I am sure that you get the picture here.

People who claim that all you need to do is to simply cut and paste your way to online success hasn’t a clue as to how to really make money online accept for their scamming people right and left. The point is; in order to run a business online, you need to stay focused, you need to obtain skill sets and so much more here. It isn’t as cut and dry as some would like for you to believe that it is.

that’s where staying focused really comes in and shines because as long as you remain focused on the techniques and strategies that have already been working for others, you should be fine. However, deviate from that and get into black hat techniques or techniques that are questionable, and watch your ratings go down the drain if you know what I mean. Staying focused on the things that have already been proven to work for your business is the smartest ting that you could ever do for it. You see, it isn’t all about the money but rather, it is about what you do and how you do it that really matters.

You see, in the information business, focus is everything because without it there are no profits to be made and no products created, and you need the both of these in order to succeed. Focus doesn’t mean working yourself to death and spending too much time on the business away from friends and family. It emans taking the time to work on the things that you need to work on and to use the techniques and strategies that actually do work for your type of online business. Focus also means being dedicated to the cause of your business, and I don’t just mean the make money part of the business, but the business as a whole. Take an active interest in your customers and what they want because in the end, if you give them exactly what they want and need from you, they’ll become repeat customers and that’s what you’re after.

However, your focus should always be on the customer and not the money. Too many entrepreneurs think too much about the money and not enough about the customer. That’s where they begin to fail. I have seen it all over the Internet, entrepreneurs waving boatloads of money in people’s faces. They get you to think that if they can show you that they made all this money, that you will do the same thing, but they’re getting you to focus upon the wrong thing. It is the customer that you need to focus upon, as well as the products and services themselves that need the attention. The money will come later.

Don’t focus on the money first because that’s only the end result. Instead, focus upon developing products and services that you know that your customers will definitely benefit from because in doing that, you will make money in the end. If you focus on your customers first and foremost, they’ll appreciate you for it. Then you will be in the 1 percent % that make it online, and that’s where you really want to be. You want to provide a good name for yourself and your business.

You want to be recognized as the individual who goes that extra mile for their customers and you want to have the recognition of being transparent, honest and ethical. All of these attributes add up to a very posative rating online and a posative online experience.

You see, people want to deal with those who are dedicated and focused. They don’t want to deal with people who only think about wealth and prosperity all of the time. Not everybody has an interest in the red sports cars, huge mansions and exhotic vacation spots. Not everybody wants those things, but for some reason, many of today’s entrepreneurs believe that this is what everybody is striving for. They’re so wrong because they don’t know everybody, nor do they fully understand the dreams and ambitions that most of us do have. However, they focus upon waving boatloads of cash in your face because a large majority of online business seekers arre searching for that kind of thing. They want some sort of windfall that will put money straight into their laps without having to lift a single finger just to earn it. They want it for nothing, and if it means dishing out crappy software that supposedly promises you that, then they’ll put it out there for you to purchase.

Don’t fall for any of that. Stay focused. Forget about the 1 click wonder software. Forget about making a gazillion dollars in 30 days and such because if you have even half the brain that God gave you, then you realize that making that kind of money in that short of time just isn’t very likely. You’re more likely to be hit by a car than you are ever likely to make 30,000 per month in your business straight out of the gate.

I am not saying that you will never ever make that much because I don’t know you, but what I can say is that if you’re just starting out then the likelyhood of you making that crazy amount per month is very highly u unlikely and I wouldn’t think about it right now.

If I were you, I’d stay focused on the tasks that you are able to perform right now, and let your skills, tallents and abilities build up as time goes by because it is in time that you will begin to make really good money, not straight out of the gate as a beginner. Stay focused only on those things that you’re able to do today, and work on those. Then after you have mastered those, move onto other skillsets and master those and so on. By staying focused in this manner will guide you in the right direction. Don’t let anything deviate you from your path towards success. Learn the things that you need to learn, work on the things that you need to improve upon and as you do that, your business will definitely begin to grow and you will begin to prosper as a direct result of your efforts.