A Bit Off Topic But Still Relevant

Ok, I am going to take a tour off the regualr beat and path just for a bit to talk about a brand new Christian publishing company that my Fiance and I are starting.

Now I realize that Christianity really isn’t an Internet marketing topic, but the fact that we’re starting up our own publishing company is. You see, recently I wrote a Christian book called Forgiveness A Plan and A Promise, and it is up for sale right here Forgivness A Plan and A Promise.

Now here’s how this relates to Internet marketing and that is the promotion of both the publishing company and the book itself The publishing is clalled Heart 4 God Publishigng and it can be found right here.

Heart 4 God Publishing

The marketing and promotion for these has been quite intensive. I have been promoting these things all over Facebook by means of Facebook groups, and I have even been promoting it on Twitter as well.

Trying to drive traffic to these has been everything but enjoyable since we’re not at the current time of this writing really receiving any traffic to these resources. However, I am not giving up on the promotion because I am hoping that some day, someone will take notice and visit these resources and either buy the book, or want services from us to publish their own Christian books. I did not write this post to offend you if you’re not a Christian, but I wrote it to show you my other endeavors that I am currently working on. I am showing you this through a marketing prospective and not from a religious point of view.

It is just that when it comes to promotion and such, what you have to realize is that it isn’t going to be an easy road to go down. Just because you get the word out there doesn’t mean at all that anybody will visit and make any purchases from you, no matter how good your sales copy is. However, what I am saying here is that you shouldn’t give up.

Just keep on promoting and finding new ways to promote because the more ways that you use at one time, the better it will be for you in the end. So whatever you do, do not give up!