A Bit Off Topic But Still Relevant

Ok, I am going to take a tour off the regualr beat and path just for a bit to talk about a brand new Christian publishing company that my Fiance and I are starting.

Now I realize that Christianity really isn’t an Internet marketing topic, but the fact that we’re starting up our own publishing company is. You see, recently I wrote a Christian book called Forgiveness A Plan and A Promise, and it is up for sale right here Forgivness A Plan and A Promise.

Now here’s how this relates to Internet marketing and that is the promotion of both the publishing company and the book itself The publishing is clalled Heart 4 God Publishigng and it can be found right here.

Heart 4 God Publishing

The marketing and promotion for these has been quite intensive. I have been promoting these things all over Facebook by means of Facebook groups, and I have even been promoting it on Twitter as well.

Trying to drive traffic to these has been everything but enjoyable since we’re not at the current time of this writing really receiving any traffic to these resources. However, I am not giving up on the promotion because I am hoping that some day, someone will take notice and visit these resources and either buy the book, or want services from us to publish their own Christian books. I did not write this post to offend you if you’re not a Christian, but I wrote it to show you my other endeavors that I am currently working on. I am showing you this through a marketing prospective and not from a religious point of view.

It is just that when it comes to promotion and such, what you have to realize is that it isn’t going to be an easy road to go down. Just because you get the word out there doesn’t mean at all that anybody will visit and make any purchases from you, no matter how good your sales copy is. However, what I am saying here is that you shouldn’t give up.

Just keep on promoting and finding new ways to promote because the more ways that you use at one time, the better it will be for you in the end. So whatever you do, do not give up!

Get Others To Proof Read Your Work Before Publishing

More often than not, we all make errors in our written work,and for most of the time, we don’t catch them. That’s why it is so important to utilize the services of others to proof read our work before publishing it.

Getting a good proof reader takes some time because you want to use someone that knows the English language well, and knows how to use punctuation and other gramatical elements to make your work really shine. The last thing that you want is to publish something that is full of mistakes and errors because that will not look good on you as an entrepreneur, or author.

So I highly recommend that you find somebody that can proof read your work and make sure that is free of these mistakes and errors so that you can publish with confidence and know that your work will be worth the reading. After all, it is your reputation that is on the line here and if you use a good proof reader, then you shouldn’t have any problems selling your work, but if you use someone that isn’t good at what they do, then your chances of selling quality work is next to nothing.

So if you can, find somebody who is willing to proof rread your work, and if you have to pay them for their services, make sure that they’re reasonable because you don’t want to be ripped off by any means whatsoever.

Using Tex To Speech Engines For Marketing

>Text to Speech, or better known as TTS are an excellent way to present your material online

Text to speech technology has evolved to a point to where the sound of the speech is close to or nearly human-sounding. Because of this, many entrepreneurs are using these speech engines to generate talking information products without the need to hire a reader or professional voiceover artist to read the text. In this post, you can hear some samples of these speech engines by clicking the buttons that you see below.

As this technology evolves, you will be able to hear the subtle changes in the voice that accurately replicates the human voice to a point that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between synthetic and real human speech. We’re getting kind of close to that already, but we still have a ways to go.

Many people are already using these text to speech engines to create talking e-books, reports and even talking articles. We’re already used to hearing synthetic speech due to the fact that we experience these on our telephones through teleprompters that are used on many of today’s automated systems, and even our smart phones, tablets and other devices. If you have ever called your bank and use their automated system, or have called many other companies not mentioned here and used their automated systems, then more than likely you were presented with some sort of synthetic speech through the automated system. These systems use synthetic speech at is very human-like and easy to understand by most people. And, as technology evolves even more, you will find very intelligent systems that can actually replace an actual human being and perform the job flawlessly and for as long as needed.

The beauty of this is that the digital voice never gets sick and they never have to pay it for its services, thus cutting the cost of most companies down to a minimal when it comes to hiring staff and such. However, there will be times when the computer system might go down, and that can be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Ok, are you ready to hear some really cool synthesized speech? By clicking on any of the buttons below will present you with 1 of 3 really high-quality voices. There is 1 male voice and 2 female voices to listen to.

I can use any of these voices to convert documents for you in the popular MP3 file format.

Male Voice

Female Voice 1

Female Voice 2

Turning your text into MP3 file format just might be a really good solution for you especially if you want to create an audio course and do not want to wear out your voice in order to do so. You can even use audio to automatically begin playing on your web page to play a sales message to your visitors, You can even create audio emails that will engage your customers and subscribers and thus get the message across a whole lot better than just having the individual read plain text.

Bribe People To Make A First Comment On Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to entice your readers to comment on your blog, but weren’t sure as to how to go about doing that? Well today, I have the perfect solution for you and you’re going to love it! You see, as an online entrepreneur, it is your job to engage the readers and keep them interested in your blog and what it has to offer them.

However, when it comes to commenting, it seams that no matter where you turn, people aren’t making any comments. So how on Earth do you get people to make comments on your blog? Well would a bribe work? Yes, and I have the perfect solution that will allow for you to create the perfect bribe that will get people to make a comment for the first time on your blog if they have never made one before. Simply offer them something for free in return for their comment.

There’s a very special plugin that WordPress offers that will let you set up a special page that your first commenters go to after they have submitted their first comment with you. The plugin is called, Comment Redirect, and what it does is pretty self-explanitory. It redirects the first commenter to a page that you specify after they have made their comment on your blog. It can be any page that you specify, but if you really want people to start commenting on your blog, then offer them something for free such as a free ebook, report or even a piece of free software. This can easily get the ball rolling, but make sure that you offer something of real value so that they will comment on your blog. I have provided the link below so that you can download and install the plugin.

Download and Install Comment Redirect

You will be glad that I told you about this and you will be glad that you have installed it onto your blog. It will help you to receive tons of first comments.